Welcome to Pixelpirates!

We are an innovative company specialized in producing interactive content and virtual experiences to a broad international market. We provide architectural visualisations for both exteriors and interiors, as well as product visualisations in many different categories. We have many years of combined expertise in graphic design, film, computer games and more. We also have experience with traditional 3D rendering engines such as Vray, Mental Ray, OctaneRender, Arnold and others.

We use the realtime Unreal Engine 4 as our main tool. Traditionally, realtime engines have not had the same image quality as non-realtime renderers (such as Vray for instance), but with the latest generation of realtime engines, the quality has become comparabable. However, usíng a realtime engine gives benefits that traditional rendering can not match. Main advantages are speed and interactivity. Every change in a scene is immediate. This means that we can easily follow changes in real time and avoid time-consuming renderings that traditional applications require. It also means the user can affect the environment in realtime; changing furniture, lighting, time of day, weather conditions, materials etc as well as moving around freely to get a spatial awareness that still pictures or pre-rendered videos simply can not match.

Contact us if you have an idea for something you want to have visualized, so we can determine if it is feasible. This technique is almost unlimited, so think imaginatively!

The pictures and videos on this site are made by Pixelpirates, captured realtime from Unreal Engine, with no postproduction or retouching.